Fishing Adventure is a professional fishing charter located in Trogir. Our specialty is BIG GAME FISHING,bottom fishing and live bait fishing; however, our boat ADRIA BOAT 800 is also equipped with outriggers and downrigger for trolling. We are using only top quality Shimano,Daiwa,Okuma and Penn fishing gears. Fishing Adventure team is available to provide fishermen a top-notch local fishing experience. A quality charter service will have everything you could need to enjoy catching fish and exploring the local area with your family and friends.

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The town of Trogir is located on the historic Dalmatian coast of Croatia, not too far from Split (and in actual fact, closer to Split airport than Split itself is). The main town of Trogir is actually on an island, connected to the mainland by a bridge which means it’s also possible to get to theTrogir by boat. If you’re up for it. The most popular sights and cultural monuments in Trogir Kamerlengo Castle and St. Mark’s tower survive from the Venetian period. The Cathedral of St. Lawrence, gothic in style with renaissance additions, is regarded as among the most beautiful in Dalmatia.Trogir was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.

Its location and short distance from the central Dalmatian islands and the open sea makes it a Trogir as perfect location for active holidays and fishing.